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Name:Conscious Magic: ethics, justice, and magic
Location:United States of America
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Magic, ethics, and social justice from a variety of experiences.
This community is a conversation centering around ethics, social justice, and the practice of magic. We consider magic, where it is sincerely practiced, to have a transformative impact on the universe, and as such, is a powerful tool. With great power, as they say, comes great responsibility. But too often, that responsibility is framed as simply the Wiccan Rede, harm none, etc. That, while perhaps sufficient for some practitioners, is not sufficient for all. But the question of what could also be sufficient, while also being socially aware and ethically balanced, is not singular, nor is it easily found. This community hopes to bring that question into discussion, as well as other topics surrounding magic.

With all these things in mind, this community strives to be a safe space, one in which people of various backgrounds, religious and spiritual affiliations, races and ethnicities, genders, sexual orientation, and levels of able-bodiedness feel comfortable posting. We are:

-- inclusive of people who are non-neurotypical, and accept plurality/multiplicity as a valid, healthy state of being.
-- inclusive of all faith traditions or lack thereof, accepting that magic as a practice is not limited to the self-defined pagan community.
-- sensitive to issues of oppression and cultural appropriation, and subscribe to the social justice model that oppression = prejudice + power, with the understanding that power can be social, political, financial, or otherwise expressed.
-- aware of the meaning of privilege and able to discuss our own or lack there of.
-- sensitive to the marginalisation of queer and trans* individuals (including but not limited to homosexuals, bisexuals, pansexuals, asexuals, and demi-sexuals) in many magical texts and communities, and are open to dialogue surrounding sexual orientation and magic without invalidation or erasure, or presumption of heteronormativity.
-- especially supportive of the experiences of all self-identified women, and sensitive to the needs of said women for safe, open spaces where their emotional and spiritual experiences will not be marginalised or used against them.

In short, this is a community where magic is taken seriously.

Things we hope you will post:

-- Questions relevant to ethics, magic, and the practice thereof.
-- Thoughtful explorations of relevant personal experiences, both positive and negative.
-- Spells, rituals, and other activities relating to conscious magical practice.
-- Reviews or commentary of books, blogs, articles, and other relevant material.
-- Philosophical, theological, and magical musings (yours or those by others, with proper citation/credit).

Every so often, the moderators will introduce a topic for general discussion, most likely every two weeks or so. Sometimes, it will go hand-in-hand with posts on said topic, usually as a theme for a month. If you have ideas that you'd like to see be so treated, contact the moderators.

1. Moderators are here to encourage discussion and keep the general peace. Only your lovely moderators, [personal profile] peacock_queen and [personal profile] starwanderer, have the ability to give out warnings. Three warnings will result in removal from the community.
2. No flaming, no trolling, no general internet wankery. This isn't 4chan. Harassment can and will result in removal from the community.
3. No attacking individuals. Stances, arguments, ideas, practices, these are free and clear. Some are better than others. They deserve to be evaluated on their own merits, and judged accordingly. Individuals, however, are not. Personal attacks will be judged on an individual basis, and the penalty will range from a moderator's warning to removal. Threads that engage in personal attacks will be frozen.
4. Calling people out on oppressive, privileged language, ideas, etc, is not a personal attack, and should not be framed as one. This community will not tolerate allegations of "reverse-racism," and does not enforce standards of politeness.
5. Racist, sexist, ableist, and other oppressive language will not be tolerated. A pattern of oppressive language or behaviour can and will have consequences, ranging from warnings to removal, and will be evaluated on an individual basis by the moderators.
6. Correct spelling and grammar is encouraged for clarity of discussion. We understand the difficulties inherent in having English as a second language on an English-language forum, and support individuals who are non-native speakers. However, abuse of chat-speak can lead to a warning from a moderator. Essentially, honest mistakes and learning curves are understood, but leet-speak is unforgivable, especially as a habit.
7. Topics that are posted that could be triggering, including but not limited to sexual violence, assault, child abuse, and other experiences of a sensitive nature, should be put behind a cut-tag. If the original poster does not do so, one of the moderators will put the body of the post behind a cut-tag as soon as it is brought to our attention.


Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the community. However, because of our emphasis on safe space, the moderators request a short application to be PM'ed to any of the moderator's accounts. This is to ensure that individuals joining the community are not sock puppets, or not likely to be. This also is to give the members of the community who have trouble with cyber-stalking a chance to have a space that is safe for them. In this vein, we give first consideration to members of the community in matters of disputed membership -- in short, if you are a current member, and someone who has been known to harass you applies, their application will be denied. The application form will not be shared with the community, but you are encouraged to introduce yourself on approval and jump on in.

Application form:

1. Preferred name:
2. Preferred gender:
3. Age (members of plural systems, please list personal age and also the body age):
4. Are you a member of a plural system?
5. How did you hear about the community?

6. How long you have practiced magic?
7. Any magical tradition you identify with?
8. Subjects of particular interest to you?
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